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Hi, All!

I am new to this site. I have multiple health issues one of which is HIV and my doctor has said that an improved diet is a major help to my health. I have been watching several videos on YouTube and they all say to use fresh herbs.

My issue is that I have a very mild case of Cerebral Palsy on my left side and I have limited use of my left hand. Specifically, I have very little dexterity of my fingers. So, using a large knife as a chef typically would to chop the herbs is potentially a dangerous thing for me and I would be grateful for your suggestions of ways I can accomplish chopping fresh herbs in a safe way so I can dramatically reduce or eliminate the possibility of causing harm due to these circumstances.

I have to believe that I am not alone with this kind of a challenge.

I am looking forward to your ideas.

With Gratitude,

Steven, Age 54
Berkeley, CA


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While I've thought these were gimmicky, they might be the thing for you. A slap chopper. There are different brands and i have no idea which is the better choice.
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At Bed, Bath and Beyond or similar store you can find multibkade roller choppers which will deal quite effectively with herbs.
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I am grateful for your answers but I sent a message to the moderator to cancel my account and this thread because I HATE moderated websites. To me, it is just a power trip over other peoples words on the part of the moderator! I don't like having someone else deciding for me if my words are ok for others to see or not.

Let me be clear. My words are not directed at anyone who has been kind enough to reply. They are directed to the website...

Se you all later ... I will be directing my future questions on another unmoderated website ...
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Yeah because I am disabled and could have helped. I have left hand issues from neck nerve damage. I use a butchers glove when doing a lot of chopping just in case I slip...
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Haha what? That's a first.

Even reddit has moderators. I guess he could try his luck on 4chan, though doubtful he'd find anyone helpful.

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