dinner service roasted chicken (HELP!!)

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    Hello everyone, this is my first post to chef talk! I recently graduated culinary school and i landed a decent job at a small restaurant in my similarly small town. I start off as a line cook but plan on showing off my speed in the kitchen and eventually be kitchen lead. 

    The owner is planning on buying locally raised chickens for "roasted chicken halves". (I highly agree with this move because our target market LOVES local stuff) I've roasted a couple whole birds in culinary school but this is different. I'm going to try a nice brine to make sure the meat stays nice and juicy BUT my question is this. How, if possible, can someone do roasted chicken halves and still keep a decent ticket time for dinner service? I'm assuming its impossible to cook it from start to finish in a reasonable time, so what is the industries way of doing this? I do know that par cooking is worthless because you'd have to chill it for safety reasons, making the recooking time identical to raw to done.

    My first instinct is to brine.... cook....hold in some manner? maybe cook in batches so later customers do not get a dried piece of jerky. Also i assume it would have to be a dry heat, because i don't want to lose that crisp skin i will work so hard to achieve. i would greatly greatly appreciate any feedback and help.
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    A local middle eastern place, Chicken Express, faces this issue. They rotisserie grill the whole chicken. Knowing the basic schedules and demand your business has on average is important. Where you're just starting this, you're going to have to keep records and face some early waste and/or slower service initially.

    From what I've seen of their operation, they hold some chickens for order, whether quarter of half chickens which are still sold as the breast-wing quarter and the leg quarter. Either way, each chicken gets quartered. Others get chilled for storage and service in off-peak demand. Chilled quarters are reheated on the grill which re-crisps the skin. They brush the quarters with something at grilling time, maybe a blend of oil and stock, i don't know. 

    Brining will help the breast stay moist for the reheat, but you should also consider a sauce to serve with the chicken. 
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    Jonathan Waxman is pretty famous for his half roast chicken at Barbutos and he explains his recipe here   He says it takes about 30minutes to cook it spatchcocked and 5minutes to rest but who knows how the have that ready for service.  There could be a disclaimer on a menu saying "please allow 30minutes for freshly roasted chicken" or par cooked... par cooked can be treacherous though.

    You could do rotisserie chickens and do staggered roasting times.