Dilemma! lemon sauce has a slightly burnt after taste..any help?

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I started working at a nice restaurant about 2 months ago. I'm working garde manger and I was prepping my lemon sauce but I think I must have burnt my sugar. It tastes good at first but has a slightly bitter after taste. I didn't want the chef to try it because I had messed the sauce up in the past and would rather try to fix this on my own. Any ideas on what I can do to save it tomorrow when I get in? I have some sauce without the bitter after taste, should I mix them? Add more butter or honey? Help please!
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What type of sauce? What ingredients? What process?

Do not mix good with bad, you only end up with bad. Why save it if it is not right?
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This post is most probably way too late, but if it's burnt, toss it and start again.  Nothing can get rid of that burnt tast.  I've done it to many curries and stews and it never be made good.

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sadly sauce being a pretty homogeneous mixture, it's not like you can just "scrape the burned part off."  You can some times add spicy and smoky flavors to some sauces to mask a burned flavor. But this isn't an option with your lemon sauce. Are we talking sweet or savory?
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