Dieting; Do you?

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I wasn't sure if this should go here, or in the Late Night Cafe.  Since it is food related this forum won out.

It occurred to me to wonder how many foodies, home cooks & chefs either have issues with weight, or who eat a particular way by choice and with awareness. 

Recently I began treatment with various physical therapy specialists and one in particular had me take a hard look at the way, and what, I ingest on a regular basis.  I hafta say, I was pretty embarrassed.  I thought I was doing pretty good, in a general sort of way but wow was I wrong.  Fluid intake?  My 8 glasses of water a day?  Nope.  Coffee in the morning and beer at night.  Its a wonder I haven't already shriveled up and died.  3 squares per day and two snacks?  Nope.  Tasting as I prepare meals in my kitchen for customers, and snacking on bits when the mood hits.  Sure, its healthy-ish, whole foods prepared with an eye for salt and balance, but it seems my calorie count is way down from where it should be (as is my fiber intake) so my bod stays stuck in near-starvation mode and hoards every sip and bite I take.  Even when I prepare meals for my family I very rarely have a plate of whatever I've prepared because I already feel full by the time it's ready.

I'm starting my ingestion overhaul by brewing up a large batch of Jasmine tea to drink throughout the day.  I know its not water, but its hopefully a baby step in the right direction...

So, what do you do, diet-wise?  Do you pay attention to what and when you eat?  Any practice or philosophy that works for you?
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I do watch what I eat.  From time to time, I track my daily nutrition at Sparkpeople.  Like you, I wasn't drinking nearly enough and wasn't eating the amount of calories I should.  I couldn't understand why I never lost weight and ended up gaining when I wasn't eating that much.  After I started tracking, it all became clear.  In about 7 months last year, I lost 50 lbs.  Since then I have maintained and am going to start working on losing more.  I am not "dieting" but trying to eat and live a healthier lifestyle.  I don't deprive myself of the foods I love but try to eat them in moderation.  I do find that when I start back tracking my food intake, I tend to have a hard time staying within my calorie range because I become more food obsessed. lol
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Dieting? Yes, since the age of 12.

To make a long, tortuous journey very short, I learned that I'm insulin resistant; carbs are not my friend if I eat more than 150 grams per day. Because of other health issues, I'm now eating like a diabetic. Thank heavens I can cook! Otherwise, I'd never be able to stick with this very reasonable plan.

If I were to give my 12-year-old self one piece of advice, I'd say "Eat like a healthy girl of your age and proper body weight." If I'd done that at the time, I'd never have been more than 15 pound overweight, because that's all the overage was throughout my teen years. But I saw it as an insurmountable hurdle, and it became an emotional fixation. Thus, the tortous journey.

And yes, this should probably be in the Late Night Cafe forum. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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I don't like calling it a "Diet."  I prefer to call it a "Live-it" instead.  I've always been just a little bit overweight and since I got married I got a little more overweight.  In the past year I've lost 40lbs and I feel better than ever.  I eat normal everyday food but I did make some changes:

1. Exercise 4-5 times a week.
2. I carry a pedometer with me everywhere I go and make sure that by the end of the day I have clocked 10,000 steps.
3. Limit my intake of calories to 2000 per day if I'm maintaining or less than 1800 per day if i need to shed pounds.
4. I weigh my food and measure out portion sizes.
5. I indulge myself a couple of times a week.
6. I compensate calories - if I overeat one day I eat much less the next day.
7. I walk to the grocery store everyday to buy that day's groceries.
8. Plan a weekly menu.
9. Try to eat smart carbs (whold wheat products instead of white, sweet potatoes instead of white, etc).

Anyway, you get the point, it takes a lot of effort to do all these things at first but after a while they become routine. 
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not really, i probably should because of my weight. I'm not huge but not little. i usually eat what i like. i have began to start watching it and have stopped drinking soft drinks and just drink a bunch of water especially at work. i love eating bread(bad really bad) especially the ones that are crunch like french or baguettes. nothing better than some fresh bread with some mascapone or tomato sauce. one of my bad habits is eating at night before i sleep. most of time however i dont really watch what i eat, if it looks good i eat it.

i remember once when i was in my nutrition class and we Had an assignment and one of the things listed was to rank form how important to not. one of the items was nutrition wether it was healthy or not and i said i didnt care, she called me up and asked me if i was joking or what. i said nope i just eat what is good and i like. I'm sure it will catch up with me soon enough but as i like to think i only live once and like to taste as much as i could i guess.
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I don't diet at all. Eat what i feel like and mostly read the label. I easily drink more then 2 quarts of water a day, cause i drink out of quart canning jars.Several times a day. I do have a bit of a belly but i don't let it concern me. I can't hide a belt buckle, yet. I am sure if I cut out all booze i would loose weight and inches, but no more Guiness? just isn't in me. The main issues is getting off my butt to do something that isn't work related and counts as exercise.  Thank you Nintendo Wii.
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I try to stay away from all the white foods (comfort foods) crusty french baguette, fresh pasta,feta ,havarti,edam,brie oh the cheese list never ends, 35% cream,white potatoes,white rice .....and the list goes on ...oh and salty stuff I gotta stay away from.....well that's what seems to put the pounds on me anyhow . I like to indulge on Arugula and Chevre wrapped in Proscuitto a few of those keeps my cravings at bay for awhile.I am tall and can carry weight ....people say I'm slim  and I've never really had a problem with weight ....running kitchens for 25 years or more your always running around but I really have to work at it these days it seems "Just working" is not enough I never dieted.....I ate all day small nibbles here and there but now I have to watch  what's in those amuse bouches of mine!
I stick to high protein ,veggies,lots of fruit and water is a constant and try to stay gluten free ,,,,exception of my other indulgence....Beer!
So I found swimming everyday relaxing and it dosn't feel like a work-out....I forgot how much I enjoyed it as a kid....I think if we all look  we'll find something we loved to do that brings back  physical activity in our lives

I replace swimming  if I can't get to the pool,with a brisk hour power walk ,,,,to get the bod moving
It's hard at first to accept that I had to do this but we don't have a heck of alot of time on this planet so let's make it quality time!
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