Did you ever work outside your native country ?

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All over Europe it was very important and still is today  for any cook to spend some time outside his native country to get a better understanding of what is needed to be  better educated in the culinary world. of today.

I am curious to find out how many of you did experience another country with another language and how did it help you ,and what  did you lean from it ?  
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France.  I became fluent but was already fair when I got there.

If you pick one place to go, this is it.  Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.  It's still Mecca.
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I did it back-azzwards....

I went from Canada to Switzerland.  There, I did a 3 yr cook's apprenticeship, then cooked another 3 yrs in Zurich before I went to S'pore were I cooked for 4 yrs.  After that, I went back to Canada, and within a year opened up my own catering business.  Ran that for 9 years, sold it, and am now in my 8th year of my own chocolate business. 
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That is funny. Foodpump's story sounds exactly like what I am aiming for right now.

From Costa Rica,  I did 2 years in Maldives and I am starting my second year in China. Hopefully next year I'll land something in Korea for about 2 or 3 more years. Then I plan on opening something there, if the planets align just right.
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