Did someone step on my banana bread?

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I made one of my favorite recipes for Banana Bread from the Tartine cookbook.

The recipe calls for slicing a banana in half and placing it on top of the loaf to bake along with the bread.

I made this before and it was great

Well, today, not so much

It actually looks like someone stepped on it

The middle imploded, one side is drooping and it cracked in several places.

There were no issues preparing the bread. I think the banana I used to top it might have been too heavy. I bake by weight and I should have weighed that last banana even though the recipe did not call for a weight.

Also, I think I might have baked it a little longer

What a disappointment. I almost wanted to cry
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Love banana bread but never heard of doing that to the top? The best part is when the top cracks. The banana would cover that.
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The banana does cover it but it is really delicious. At least it was, last time /img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif
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I also am a huge banana bread fan.I never heard of this recipe but it sounds interesting.I found a recipe on a blog for banana bread with a twist and tried it and it was really good.I had never had banana bread with pineapple before it was different.Check it out on:

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