Did my pears keep my muffins from becoming fully cooked?

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I put in a huge amount of ripe pears into my muffin mix and after baking my muffins (cupcake sized muffins) for 40 minutes, the inside of the muffin still appeared to be raw, gooey, moist. Does that happen sometimes where if overload the batter with too many pear chunks, the moisture from the pear chunks won't allow the muffin to cook? The pear were in 1.5cm chunks (diced). Or is the muffin just supposed to be all gooey and wet inside?
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I think you have to consider the pears to be part of the liquid and adjust accordingly.  Mash them and replace liquid with them.  Or add more flour to the batter, and cut down on the number of pears you use.  Pears release liquid when they cook.  Also sugar!  you'd also have to reduce some of the sugar.  It's not like adding raisins, that are already dry. 
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The moisture is created by the pear itself. Around the chunks will never be fully cooked. Try cutting pears in a smaller dice or dice them and put them in a slow oven to dry out a bit then put in batter.
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