Did I buy the right immersion blender?

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Hello all, first post here!  I have been doing alot of research on finding the right hand blender, but have had a very difficult time deciding.  I like having quality equipment, but believe in diminishing returns.  I had a chance to nab up a Viking one without any of the extras for around $70-$75 shipped on ebay.  I decided to let it go.  I instead bought the Waring WSB33 for $63 shipped.  I plan on using this alot and am a bit worried about it saying that it's only a 100w motor.  I know they use an efficient design, but how would it compare to Viking's 300w motor.  I don't plan on doing any ice drinks, I'll leave that to the Vita-Mix.  I have seen places that say this model is commercial quality and is being used in many restaurant kitchens, and I have seen places call it a light duty model.  I'm confused.

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after googling and looking at the device i would say, who knows? If your doing small - med soups (12 qts or less)  and sauces it looks like it will be fine. Stainless steel shaft is affixed permanently and the six foot cord will make cleaning it a bit of an issue but not much. It looks more durable then my kitchenaid, but I have had it for 3-4 years now and just don't let anyone but myself use it.  You should be happy with it, relax you'll be buying a new one in ten years anyway./img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Waring is very conservative with their numbers.  The WSB33 has plenty of torque for a small stick and will stand up to whatever small stick tasks you throw it against.  It's not a big immersion blender though, and there are some limitations -- besides depth. 

If it stalls, you overmatched it.  

It's not a bench blender either.  Not only does it not have the same power as a Vita Mix it won't give you the same smooth purees because a normal sauce pan won't feed into it the way a blender pitcher feeds the blades.  On the other hand, it won't put as much air into things either.

The WSB33 and the Bamix are probably the two best prosumer blenders at anything like a reasonable price.

Use it in good health,
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I am in the market for my first immersion blender, and I have my eye on the Waring WSB33. I am wondering how it has worked for you over the past several months.

I also am worried about 100 watts not being enough power as the cheaper brands on Amazon seem to have at least 150-200 watts. Has power been a problem? Would you buy it again?

Thank you for your input.
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