Diabetic Renal diet

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well a loved one just got out of a 2 month hospital visit...he has had diabetes 2 for 20+ years and monitered it well. Now he is on dialysis and is adjusting to a renal diet. We;ve not discovered a good dietician yet.....so I'm looking for pasta sauce, salad dressings, entree and dessert suggestions. The outlines are pretty vague on what is ok and what is not.
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I think that the mineral intake, including sodium, potassium, and calcium, must be monitored closely. Go to Barnes and Noble or Borders Book Store to the health section. You'll find lots of diabetic information that focuses on diet. Otherwise have the physician recommend a dietician for dietary counseling.

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Boy, this is so intense. If I did not care so much for this guy I'd never do this. It is trully amazing how narrow his options are.
Not only do you haveto follow a prescribed diet but follow amounts and hit the foods he likes. So I'm doing alot of stir fry veg/shrimp on rice.
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I wish you and your friend peace.

How about different types of maki rolls?
Just for fun,can he help in the preparation of the food?
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Hi Shroomgirl. I don't know anything about the renal diet, but I can point you toward some really supportive diabetic communities. I know a number of our members are on dialysis or have had kidney transplants, so someone there may be able to help.

LAD has a chat on Tuesday nights starting at 8 PM central time, I think. And DHT/Etc. has a joint chat on Wednesday nights starting at 7 PM central. Links are on the community homepages. You will recognize me there --- I am WYfriend.
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