Detroiters? Food truck people?

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After a 10yr hiatus, got back into hospitality in 2018 after writing software for GM for waaay too long. Bartending, then popups, then back on the line - all in pursuit of self-employment with a truck/catering biz. Joined up here because google searches kept landing me here.

I've been grinding at a brunch place for the last year and figure I've done my time lol. Have just secured funding for the truck and hope to pursue my al pastor dreams. Would love advice from anyone that's set up a vertical rotisserie paired with a flat top in a truck or trailer.

Thanks for reading!
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Good on ya - I fled Detroit in 1980 for NYC (along with a bunch of other artists) There were no food trucks back then - and really living in the Cass Corridor we either ate at the International in Greektown, or the Lafayette Coney Island. Altho there was this hole inthe wall place on Cass & Selden that was my introduction to grits. The owners were transplants from the South looking for work in the car plants. I'm glad they opened this little dive instead.

Saw my first homeless guy order tea then put the tea bag in his pocket then fill the cup with Catchup, lemon and S&P . . . instant tomato soup.
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I kicked around the food truck idea for a few years. I though if I did it I would want a few Signature items that were made with good quality ingredients. I would want the " Holy shit this is great food" effect, said by the people following me.
Many of these things you can't accomplish by having employees in a B&M. I think we fit the menu around the caliber and quality of the people who work for us. The Food Truck puts you in a position to be that guy. That guy who makes out the menu, does what he does best......"Second to none".......It doesn't matter what the Menu items are......They just need to be " Second to none".......Just because you have the vertical rotisserie paired with a flat top in a truck or trailer. Doesn't mean it has to be part of your idea........The best of luck..............
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