Destination Restaurant-Pop Up concept - need adventurous creative inspirational chef of the future!!

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    Okay so I have relocated to this little tiny forgotten town in Eastern north Carolina (from the big city of NYC).   My wife and I purchased a beautiful old Masonic lodge theatre (2 theatres that seat about 350 each). Our goal is to rehab the place into a full thriving arts center showing live theatre, live music and films (foreign and avant garde films particularly).  Within the building is a HUGE banquet hall and cml kitchen with an industrial Vulcan oven.     We would love to inspire a HIGHLY creative, curious and ambitious chef/cook to create a new destination concept restaurant, weekly/monthly supper club or popup restaurant concept in this building.   We have ZERO creativity in the kitchen to make this a truly memorable dining experience but just know that there is a market for a destination culinary environment.  

    We are located about 5 miles off I95 highway and 1 hour from Raleigh, 2 hours from Norfolk, 2 hours from Richmond.   I don't believe a fulltime restaurant, at least for the early years could sustain itself financially but a once a week supper club, or 2-3 nights/week dinner service would be a big draw to this area.    

    The Masonic lodge building was built in 1926 and has amazing charm and delights.   But I am not pushing this building solely.   This little town of Enfield NC has ALOT of history with some amazing homes but has suffered the plight of many many many small towns in America.   It is economically stagnant BUT there are numerous warehouses and storefront buildings that would be IDEAL restaurant locations and the cost to either acquire them or rent them is...."'"F'ing" ridiculously low".    I would love someone to have a popup restaurant in our Masonic lodge theatre but would show anyone interested around our town and show the entire landscape.  

    Please contact me at 646.319.7231 or [email protected] if you are eager/crazy/ambitious and wild enough to create something from nothing and make a market where no market exists.   It has been done before and I know this area could make it happen.  

    I hope there is someone out there that agrees with our thought process.    Ps. we also have several houses available to a potential chef/cook to live in either rent free (or low rent) as he/she develops something incredible.  

    come discover enfield..

    ps. go to facebook and search the "lodge at Roanoke valley" or "Downtown enfield restoration and preservation" and you will see pics of our town, what we have been doing since many of us moved down here from the ny/nj area.   WE have FUN here!!

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    Don't know what the drinking/driving laws and tolerances are in your neck of the woods, but without booze, it's hard to make a buck.  Catering or production might work though.
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    One more small thought---the kitchen might cost you a small fortune to update--

    When a restaurant applies for a license ,the kitchen must meet all current heath codes--no 'grand fathering' an out of date kitchen---Check with your local heath department---