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for a banana bread recipe my mom used to bake. The batter itself was pretty was the topping that blew you away. She threw some brown sugar and pecans and some other ingredients in the bottom of the loaf pan then poured in batter and baked. When it was almost cooled it is dumped over like a pineapple upside down cake and there you have it! A pecan brittle/praline topping to die for. I was the keeper of the recipe and my sister is asking for it. I just cannot tell her I lost it! Please help!
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Your post presented an interesting problem; especially as I'm not a quick bread baker at all. So, it was mostly a research problem and you should take what this for what it's worth.

The first things that struck me was that the topping you described was more of a streusel than a praline; and that no matter which pan Mom used, once the upside down gooeyness came into play, the bread was more of a cake. So I googled "upside down banana bread," "upside down banana cake pecan," and "banana bread steusel."

There were a few interesting results. One, although it wasn't much like what you're asking for looked like a keeper. So, I'll link to Brown Eyed Baker anyway: Bananas Foster Banana Bread : Brown Eyed Baker

Best for last, right? This one is going to require substituting pecans for walnuts. It may also need adjusting baking times a bit longer, and using a little less topping, so as to suit a loaf pan. But my bet is that it's pretty close to Mom's recipes; or at least close enough to tweak it the rest of the way by memory.

The comment section was striking. The bubbling over problems may actually have been the result of adapting the recipe from an 8" loaf pan (6 cup capacity) to a cake pan (4 cups). Other than pecans for walnuts, you may need not need any other adjustments.

Stay loose on time the first time you bake it, and make double-sure to test for doneness. Okay? Anyway, from RecipeZaar, here you go: Caramel-Walnut Upside-Down Banana Cake - 286197 - Recipezaar

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There is a recipe at called Banana Coffee Cake. It is similar to the one you are looking for. The difference is part of the topping is place in the middle of the cake and the rest is on top. Do you happen to remember if your mother melted brown sugar and butter together before she placed it in the bottom of the pan? If so, I think my mother-in-law has the recipe in one of her church cookbooks.
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all...BDL..I came across that "banana foster" recipe and printed for later use. It looked really yummy! I ended up mixing my own batter recipe and baked until about half done then mixed brown sugar, butter, pecans and a touch of cinnamon and spread on for the last bit of bake time. The end product was very much like mom's and presented this to my sister as an improved recipe as the pan was much easier to clean. She was kind of excited so I think I am safe for now. I had the recipe in a file and neglected to back up and the inevitable crash brought me down. I know I didn't toss the pen and paper copy as it was in mom's handwriting. Continuing my search...
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