Desperately seeking these serving items... Please help. thanks



Good evening everyone.  First time posting here, as I have only now had this issue.

We are having mini cakes served for our wedding, and the woman baking (small town) is very talented, but does not have anything to serve them on.  

For our testing/tasting, she cut circles out of cardboard, and overlayed a nice paper, but it looks a bit tacky.

I found this website.  which has the perfect (gold) serving discs (not sure what else to call them).  Id prefer silver if I can find them.

They are in the top two pictures on that link.

Im just wondering if anyone knows what they are called or where I could find them?

I would be forever in your debt.

Thank you
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If I'm looking at the right disk I think they are a custom piece. There are many cake supply companies on line and many other cupcake companies as well. I would look for a 2" or 3" cake round in silver.

Good luck and I hope your wedding is wonderful


does anyone else have any idea what they are called or where i can find them?  i would really appreciate it.

thanks you
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i think i found what i

m looking for.

Oh really?

Well, good for you.

Please share us also what you have found.

Anyways, I have checked the site the you said and I found that the designs are lovely but sad to say also that I don't know where to buy cakes like tat in your place.
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This may seem too simple but try Wilton cake decorating products and look for "Cake circles."
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