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Hey everyone. We are opening a new restaurant here in Toronto and I wanted to get some suggestions on how creatively can I design our restaurant. Its gonna be a fine dining restaurant and so I was thinking of having large glass windows and all black furniture and walls. Will that be fine, cause most consider black as unlucky. But I believe black is classic. Also I'm confused with how the sign board should be. I'm thinking of doing metal letter signs, from New Style Signs Ltd, Toronto. Do you think metal letter signs would look good? Need suggestions.
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We probably have no idea.  Ask about the kitchen.  :D
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How about an idea of what the concept is.  What kind of fine dinning?  What kind of kitchen equipment? Wine storage?  Leave the dinning room to an interior designer.  
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Ross, Welcome to Cheftalk! Black is only unlucky when it comes to cats crossing your path. The fine dining of yesteryear is much different than today. In todays world anything works. Look at broadway in NYC. At one time people would dress for a night out at the theater. Now people stop at a burger joint then go to the theater in shorts. I would look at what you expect a couple to wear to your restaurant and design it around that. If I were looking to cater to the suit and gown proud I would design the restaurant much different that a fine dining approach for a walk in off the street casual crowd. I have been to many "New age" restaurants across the USA that offer an open concept with a bar included in one large room. Like I said the fine dining dining room is much different that yesterday. people aren't looking for a stuffy approach to dining. They are looking for a feel good relaxed friendly atmosphere that offers people to laugh and have fun talking at a take without feeling like their eating in a church or library. There are restaurants in NYC that have dress codes, IMHO that is bullshit in todays world. I think the glove has to fit the hand, but, the hand also has to feel good in then glove. Think of how the world is today and how you want your customers to feel sitting in your restaurant.......I hope this helps........ChefBill
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Black chairs and walls ? Hum, Tends to be a modern concept. If you're going modern I'm thinking nix to lamps and pictures. It will look like a chop house or cigar room. I can black wall

with different alloy sculptures. Just from my regular car and mt show car, black can be a pain to to keep pristine. If it were me I would have the black to transition into a lighter black so as to not make the room look smaller.

@ChefBillyB, also has a good point.  A lot of upscale restaurants are like walking into a time warp. Like the two posted above. the French Room and Bocuse. I have not been to Bocuse but I could tell I would feel  claustrophobic decor seems very busy.

But what do I know. My wife just had someone paint two walls in our living area a really dark blood red.
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