Designing your own ties


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You could do it yourself by buying plain ties and getting some fabric paint. You can find this in most fabric stores.

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Another option is to check out your local embroidery place. Some will work with ties. I just ran into someone who had a pearl gray logo embroidered on a black silk? tie. It looked pretty sharp.

A lot of places it costs about $40 to get your camera ready artwork converted to an embroidery disk--then places cost $5-15 for a single colour logo to be added.

How much are you looking to spend? There are people out there that will silk screen custom logos/designs. They may have the capability to do ties--or have an alternative option.

Good luck!
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Thanks guys~ Kings menu didn't have what I wanted but they had some good prices on other stuff.
Besides chefwear have you guys seen shroom pants?
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Thank you Unichef....I've contacted them and they do not have shroom designs...but we'll see aobut possibly coming up with a design.
Not sure about the volume I don't need 500
but possibly 100. We'll see; they were gracious when I e-mailed them and said their site was difficult for me to manuver in...they were prompt with info.
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great. Do you need my address to send me one? 8=
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