Designing your own grill?


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Hi Steven,

Have you ever considered designing your own brand of grills? If so what attributes would your dream grill include?
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For years I have been accumulating a mental list of features I would like to see incorporated into a grill. But the primary sponsor of my television shows "Barbecue University" and "Primal Grill" has been Weber, a company I do not wish to offend. I can tell you this: I would like a charcoal grill with an adjustable grill grate--something you often see in South America.
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    Hello Steven!

  Thank you so much for taking some time to spend with the ChefTalk community. 

   I can appreciate the care you're showing the sponsor of your show, it's shows your character.  Have you ever discussed coming out with a line of grills, under the Weber name?  Not merely something that Weber simply puts your name on, but a collaboration on charcoal design and gas.

    Have you ever had the opportunity to grill on a Kalamazoo grill?  I certainly can't afford one, but a friend of mine is seriously considering the purchase.

   Thank you...and have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Dan, I have never had any substantive discussions with Weber about designing a grill, but it would be an intriguing collaboration. As for the Kalamazoo, yes. We have had one at Barbecue University for the past several years, one of the largest hunks o' stainless steel in the big grill arsenal there. (We generally demo 25 to 30 grills in the "burn area" at the Broadmoor.) Students who wander out there after breakfast and before class starts, coffee cups in hand, usually make a beeline for it. At something like $12,000, it is out of range for most people. But what a sexy-looking grill!
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