desgn student needs some help

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hi all

i 'm a college student studying a BAs honors In Graphic Design . Recently i was given a brief where i have to research the history and recipe of a selected desert and then make it . I selected to make a Banoffee Pie. Unfortunaly I have found it difficult to find any history on how Banoffee pie was created. I have already got the recipe for the dessert. I have tried both my local and college library on booked sources but i have had no luck on finding any history. I have also tried the net and most sights i have looked at have only the recipe.

I was wondering if anyone could give me any info on the history of banoffee pie or any links to websites that have that sort of info.

thank you!
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DJ Cy, while a tasty pie, I am not sure how much history you're going to actually find. ie:I don't know past that but it may not have the same history as the Hamburger, Ruben Sandwich or Belgian Waffle for example.
Good luck past that.
Joined Sep 27, 2004 Check out this link. This person seems to have the info you want. Quote"

The first time that this delicacy was spotted in captivity was when it came to be served at The Hungry Monk in 1972. The recipe was devised by Ian Dowding and Nigel Mackenzie, and was often prepared by chef Lucy Baldwin. The Hungry Monk still features The Original Hungry Monk Banoffi Pie prominently.
It therefore appears that according to the creators of the pudding I have the wrong spelling. On the plus side this does leave the domain spelt the “correct” way available for the restaurant itself, although they don't seem to have put anything there as of the last time I looked. "unquote
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thanx infinx for the link

much appreicate both u and chrose help

thanks again
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