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    I have been asked to cater a desert bar for friends birthday party...shes request Cupcakes, Brownies, Chocolate covered Strawberries & Pretzels, 2 Hawainn deserts. I have no idea what to charge??? Ideas please 😀
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    There are many many threads here on Chef Talk (OBTW>>>welcome to the site) that deal with pricing.

    Just a few......   



    To be honest I did not proofread the above threads for content so if you need something more just plug in catering pricing and quite a few threads will pop up.

    Just some heads up advice from someone who learned to do this the hard way.

    You will take some of the advice from the above threads and come up with a fair price.

    Your friend will come back with one of two comments.

    Either total shock because after all yall are friends (this is to make you feel guilty and you will end up giving a deep discount then resenting her forever)

    You will never hear from said friend again but will hear thru the grapevine that you tried to take advantage because after all yall were friends.

    I made my mind up after the 2nd incident.

    The order would be a total comp as a gift from me to them (bday parties and other gifting type events) depending on how strong the relationship is.


    The order would be referred out to a peer (who I trusted to deliver a quality product at a fair price).

    Maybe you will have a different outcome and I really hope you do but don't be surprised if one of the above scenarios plays out.

    Just sayin'


    I am mostly retired now and gift almost all family (and some friends) event cakes.

    Depending on how healthy I feel at the time (coming up on 3rd spinal fusion) my gift cakes are pretty darn awesome (esp if it is a wedding lol).

    There will be times when a promised date will creep up and I am totally dreading the whole ordeal.

    Don't ask me how (maybe the guardian angel of buttercream gets the word out) but I will start getting phone calls and emails from my longtime friends in the biz asking what gumpaste flowers I will need or what day I will be baking or stacking and decorating.

    Good karma maybe?

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    how many people is the first question.

    at the VERY minimum.... for what they are asking would be $15 per person.
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