Dermatitis or Eczema

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im just wondering how many, if any of the chefs out there suffer from either contact dermatitis or Eczema.

Also, possibly any others who have allergies.

What i really would'nt mind knowing is some tactics to defeat this ******* .
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I get a small rash
patch on my right hand when I peel shrimp, clean calamari, or cut lots of tomatoes. I can use latex gloves, but I don't because I can't get a really good grip which slows me down. I try to rinse my hand several times while doing these jobs and I also put an ointment with calendula on it.
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The problem that I have is when I wash my hands, which is several times when I'm at work. I've been told that the constant washing removes the natural skin oils that are produced by your body for you hands. And they get dry cracky especially in the fall and winter time. But now I use a skin repair/rehydrating lotion when I'm not working.
And when I use a sanitizing solution of bleach and waterthis aids in this drying also. Now I try to use gloves as much as possible when cleaning/sanitizing and when coming in contact with acidic foods.
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I usually work the grill when I am on the line and I handle copious amounts of raw meat so I have to wash my hands a lot.I have always had tons of skin problems I tried every skin cream known to man but none of them really worked. But I found thi place the body shop they are in malls they are a natural shop.They sell this stuff called bodt butter it is natural oil from mangoes and nuts and stuff like that they make a buttery cream out of it it feels a a little greasy but it works awesome.
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