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Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of a good place in Denver,
or surrounding area.
Moderately priced. No uppity froo froo places.
Just good food!
Please let me know.
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Years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, I went to a place called the Hungry Dutchman. The food was good. The portions enormous. The prices reasonable. It was probably torn down by the Politically Correct Police by now.
It was in a working windmill. We sat in the bar and watched the wheels go 'round. We ordered the soup of the day, figuring on a cup before the entree. They brought out a huge tureen of split pea with ham and dumplings. We ate so much soup that we had to "doggie bag" our entrees.
My only other dining experiences were Taco John's and the sandwiches at the USO. Also spaghetti nite at the Electric Factory :beer: :lol:
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I like the place I just got promoted out of for the traits your looking for. I think the Rialto Cafe (16th and Curtis) does a good job with the food for reasonable prices. It's no longer white table cloths, but quality and value are high, and the food is prepared with an eye for detail. I really like vesta dipping grill too, but it's too expensive to frequent, as with anyplace that's doing really interesting food (that's why I eat at home!).

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Try the Vietnamese restaurant, New Saigon, if it is still there. It's a family type place, with a huge menu, super food (I can't think of a single dish that was bad), and reasonably priced. I used to visit from out of town 2 -3 times a year and tried to eat there a minimum of once per visit: one time I went three times, it was that good!
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Hoong's Palace in Greenwood Village, Tommy's Thai Joint on Colfax, and Panzano's in downtown Denver itself.

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