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Hi all,

I just joined and am making this post because corporate has tied my hands behind my back when it comes to job posting.


Here's the back-story,

I had followed a fellow "chef" to this establishment in order to take over and start running a self producing kitchen with a dedicated, motivated, self producing staff.

That has since changed.

I do have the Exec Chef position now, but no one is coming through my doors with adequate experience.

It's Texas style BBQ. HUGE Bar, easy menu and even easier prep. My problem is everyone here has an over-whelmingly increased lack of motivation and skill. 


What I need is 5 or 6 professional Line Cooks to come in and:

Be On-Time

Be Dedicated

1+ years of fast-paced Production cooking experience (I can train)

50+ Lbs lifting capability

Be A Team-Player

Can-Do Attitude

Leave your personal problems at the door

Don't ask for a raise within the first month

Don't Have an attitude

Don't have a big head

Grill temp knowledge

Multiple fryer layout

This kitchen will help you hone in your kitchen awareness as well as your speed under pressure.

On a typical Friday or Saturday night our POS printers are what nightmares are made of, you must be able to handle this.

Please e-mail me with any responses, questions, or resumes.

[email protected]

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