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Hello, so if there are any off premise caterers reading this, can you offer any suggestions as to who you hire for your delivery drivers?  These people are the "face" of your company is most client eyes.  How or where do you find competent drivers for only 3-4 hours per day?  Any advise is welcomed. Thanks!
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Unless you are needing drivers who need special licensing for the larger and heavier types of trucks I would suggest just grabbing whoever is caught up and/or working the event and sending them on their merry way.

Would certainly help with your staffing budget.

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We are a small wholesale bakery serving local stores, restaurants, markets, etc. While we were growing, "everybody did everything". This has become terribly inefficient and we are at the point of needing someone to do just the deliveries. We will probably have to institute a delivery charge as well to try and defray some of the costs of a new employee. Any thoughts on how to pay a delivery person: Hourly plus mileage, flat charge per stop. Hearing from those who have dealt with the issue would be a great help.
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Catering and bakery deliveries are for the most part apples and oranges.

There will be the food and the equipment...dinnerware and and glasses and booze....

All boxed up and placed in the vans or truck and almost always driven by someone working the event.

Rare to have single items delivered and for sure if it happens it will be one or two pieces and then back to the store.

If you have not been charging a delivery (and set up) fee then start to do so now.

Be careful before you set your prices as the drop in the price of fuel has had some people hanging out there waiting to see how much the completion will slash their prices ;-)

It is great to hear of a small business growing in this economy .

This is the second I have heard of in the last 2 days.


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Try booking an off site event in your area to see what the competition charges, base your pay rate off of that.
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Have you looked into outsourcing the position to a hospitality professional staffing company?

Due to the nature of the business, we have a pretty big list of on call servers for events. The history of some of the old timers will usually yield us a few dependable people with open availability and willingness to do deliveries.
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What about trying to get Uber/Lyft drivers.  Its probably slow time for them during your hours.  They could add some steady work for a few hours before they started their main jobs.
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