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So, this may be a slightly delayed introduction on my part, but better late than never, eh? So, without further ado, here'goes:

My name is Geoffrey. I'm a culinary student at the Culinary Institute of the Pacific. I'm working on my A.S. degree in Culinary Arts with hopes of making my way to the CIA for my bachelors' degree, and some further and more detailed education. I have been fortunate to begin my studies in Chef Frank Leake's Fundamentals of Cookery and have moved on since then. Chef Leake is a former CIA alum, and former CIA Chef/Instructor as well -- some of you may actually know him, and I'd be happy to pass on well wishes and hellos. I should be finished with my A.S. by Christmas of '07.

As far as my culinary history? I started cooking at home as soon as I was able to hold a spoon. My mother let my little sister and I have as much hands on contact with cooking as we wanted. It stuck for me -- my sister can ruin Ramen. I initially started my formal education at Clemson University in South Carolina pursuing a B.A. in English with a minor in Film Studies and Foreign Language Film. I left Clemson in my Junior year, not quite happy with where I was heading in life. While at Clemson, I spent my free time cooking whenever I could, and ended up running a small catering/party planning operation with my best friend. When you've got the #3 party school in the nation at your back door, you have to take advantage of your market, no? :roll:

I was looking to make a move into the Culinary world, but found that I had no chance in being accepted to the CIA without previous restaurant or industry experience (my "business" was not permissable). So, I started looking at other schools. My family was living in Hawaii at the time, and that's how I discovered the CIP. I looked into it, found that it was ACF accredited, one of the founding Chef/Instructors was a former CIA Chef/Instructor, etc, and decided to take advantage of being close to home again. So, here I am, half way through my curriculum here, and loving every minute of it.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to involving myself here.
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Thank you for the introduction, Geoffrey. You've certainly discovered your lifepath and appear to have clear goals for yourself. That makes a huge difference! You're also taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to aid in moving along your path.

We hope you make Chef Talk part of your journey. There's a lot to read here, but even more importantly, an excellent cadre of experienced professionals in all areas of the culinary world. And, we're a lot of fun to hang out with. ;)

Best wishes for success!
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