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i'm new to the forum and have a question. i'm currently 28 yrs old, hold a master's degree, and practice as a nurse anesthetist three days a week making six figures. but before i went into anesthesia, i wanted to pursue a culinary education but didn't want to work 100 hrs a week and make half as much. but i do LOVE cooking...that's why i intend on going back. i plan to either start in CSCA or the san diego program where i accept a certificate. is there any difference in the food industry whether i have a degree or a certificate??? the training i priorities lie in being able to support a family. BUT...i would love to work in anesthesia like two days out of the week and as a chef three days. is that possible? I don't know if i feel inclined to dish out 45 grand vs. 20 grand in culinary education. please respond.


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You cannot work as a chef three days a week. It's a time and a half job.

If you just want to work in a kitchen, you don't need a certificate, servsafe is more helpful than a culinary something.

If you only want to work three days a week but don't want to make crudites and fruit trays all day then you have to have been a chef before somewhere with good skills and ability to step right in.

Time for rethink... :)
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Yeah....she CAN work as a chef 3 days a week. She becomes a Personal Chef. She has the best of most worlds. Let me see here:

Holy shmooey!! SIX FIGURES?? THREE DAYS A FRIGGIN' WEEK? :eek: How does one get this gig! I can work my three days as a Personal Chef...and "supplement my income" with this. ;) Where do I go for my education? ;) ::: packing my bags ::::

By CSCA I imagine that's a CA school? I attended the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in Boston, MA.

I don't think so. In my experience, getting these jobs, no one checks your "degree" or "credentials" when you apply at a restaurant. They're usually so psyched to have someone intelligent, drug-free and passionate they'll take you in a "degree is needed" if you want restaurant life. Just find a fave, well respected house, and send them your resume with a well crafted cover letter. Mention ALL the stuff you just said here. YOU'RE IN LIKE FLYNN!! BUT: Can you HANDLE "restaurant life" is the question you need to ask yourself! I could not...hence I work for myself as a Personal Chef.

Hopefully, you won't be dumb enough to fall for that. ;) A culinary education is FUN. That's why I went for 10 months. BUT...You will learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW in the FIELD. Save your money. Although...with 6 figs, maybe you can toss 20 grand away...I dunno. Good luck!
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Don't know that i'd agree with that. There a many "right" ways to do something, there are many more "wrong" ways to do it, perpetuated often.I attended CSCA while ago, ran about 16k for the year course-its been a few years ;). It was worth it then but i wouldn't shell out the $$ now days. lab times are down to 5 hours or so a class-after lecture, prep and cleanup you got maybe i dish out? The le cordon bleu degree is highly overrated IMO-just a paper mill now days.
Attend your local program to get your feet wet, save some bucks, and see if it's really what you want to do.

Yes a chef is a full time job, even if are physically not there you are(or should be) mentally. As said though there are various ways to fullfill you desires in the culinary field.
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An example of how some of these schools take your money...when I joined the CSCA for the Professional Chef's Program in 1996, it cost about $6,000 LESS :eek: than it does now! And I'd bet ANYTHING that they are still using the SAME recipes and materials. If one does go to culinary school, I suggest comparing prices and programs pretty carefully.
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thanks guys for the reply...yeah, i guess i'm happy giving anesthesia and making a good income. but i do LOVE cooking. by the way...i'm a male, think someone had me mistaken for a woman. anyways...

so that personal chef thing caught my attention though. can anyone elaborate a bit more on that occupation? thanks! much appreciated.
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