degreaser streaks

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I admit it, I'm a maniac. Nothing I like more than getting down to my undeshirt after dinner shift and scrubbing equipment.
Degreaser and scrubby, yeah!

Problem is after cleaning(I use a degreaser/water 1:10 solution + overcleaner spray) I'll get streaks, sometimes.

I heard bleach can help but how and when?
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Please read and re-read your Material Data saftey Sheets,

You need to be very careful when mixing chemicals for cleaning,make sure no ammonia and bleach ever come together.

But to answer, try applying some vinegar to your areas in question after you have cleaned them.
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ive seen some places that use soda water and paper towel for that super shiney finish. However, i dont know if it would work on a surface that has had some grease on it, and, usually only see this on presentation quality surfaces (ie front of house areas, bars etc)
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Be sure that your water is at the proper temperature. Some sanitizers require lower temps (under 120) and some higher temps (up to 195). The pH of your water can also effect grease streaks on your dishes/pots.

Also make sure that you are using the right amount of detergent during the wash, as well as the right temperature and pH of water. Streaks can occur because of improper washing, not just sanitation.
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