Deglazing a cassoulet for a decade?

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I made a simple cassoulet tonight and had to read about the history of the dish.  I heard from a good source, Wikipedia I believe, that there are stories of deglazing the previous cassoulet to make a base for the next one and extending this process over years or even decades.

Is this hogwash?  Are their health concerns?
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i wouldnt trust wiki people can edit that stuff, it may be true but try searching elsewhere
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Hmmm would be slightly suspicious of that source.  But then again, in asian cooking there are 100 year old master stocks?  Who knows.
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Yes, that's true, some houses do that. And as others pointed, it's not limited to cassoulet, many people do that with their stock and or other stock-based dish. Some bread makers also use live yeasts that are 100+ year old.

Health concern Schmealth concern. Somehow today we think we're safer eating anti-biotic infused hormone raised chicken fed with irradiated chemically fertilized genetically modified corn. Not sure how we came to that point but I don't subscribe to that thought.
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