Deep Frying at Home Question

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What is the best cookware to use? some say cast iron for chicken but others say cast iron is way too dangerous and takes forever to heat up and cool down. Or a home machine? Thank you
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I made some fried chicken last night using a "wok" of sorts, a high sided, non-stick unit.   My cast iron is all short, lots of splatter over the sides.

I do have an electric deep fryer unit, can't find the cord for it.  It has to be around somewhere!

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Electric deep fryers are very cheap get good results.  If you don't fry often though or frequently have to change oil (after seafood, etc) then I like to use a wok.  The round bottom of a wok allows you to use a lot less oil.
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Don't get that cast iron is "dangerous"??  It does stay hot LONG but doesn't take long to heat up?   Have a nice "old" cast iron Dutch oven (not enameled), I found at a yard sale.  Don't deep fry often, but use it to cut down on spatters.
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At home I use a cast iron wok as well.

Works fine as long as you don't overfill it.

I normally keep a lid close by, just in case (I cook on gas).

At the lodge, we use electric deep fryers. If there is a power cut we use cast iron pots on the bbq (charcoal)
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In addition to a good cover or lid, keep a box of baking soda handy, as hrown on a grease fire will smother it out in most cases. In fact your Ansul system is loaded with sodium bi. which is soda under pressure. Only use a wok if you have a wok ring under it so it does not move on the burner and sits flat in the ring., otherwisecould tip easy. Also there are woks and woks make sure you use a heavy metal wok. And to you novices please be careful, dont overheat use a thermo  meter if possible.  360 max.
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Are you talking about deep frying your chicken or pan frying? 

A cast iron skillet makes something of a positive improvement for pan frying, but a cast iron pot doesn't do as much for deep frying because the greater volume of oil holds so many therms itself.  Either way, it's important not to overcrowd the pan or pot.

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