Dedicated "SWEET" WOK burner

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I am soliciting opinions one one of these...

Viking 24" Professional Classic Gas Wok/Cooker Stainless Steel - VGWT

Are they practical...

Too much smoke for home use...

Too expensive... ~$2K

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When I googled this product, I found that this in Viking's Outdoor series

Will you be using this in this manner? 

I watched a home improvement program awhile back and the family had a dedicated kitchen/room just for their wok cooking.  It had a super charger/jet engine type vent to pull the grease, etc out and it was fully tiled-floor to ceiling for cleaning.

I would think that using this wok outdoors would make it alot easier.

AND for $2k , WOW!  but if I wok'd a bunch, I'd pay for that...
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Yes it looks like the I selected is for outdoor use. My mistake. Outdoor is not my intent. I'm thinking for indoor but the amout of smoke and mess it would create.....I just was wondering if anyone has had personel experience with one of these brutes....
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