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So I went to culinary school blah blah blah, I have worked in all kinds of restaurants and was the head sauté chef under a cmc at one of the country clubs in the area. For future reference I am 26 years old which is probobly considered pretty young by the standards. Well two years ago I left the country club after being offered a km job at another private club in the area. I loved working for the cmc at the country club but I needed to be making more money. I still talk to him every once in awhile and haven't burned any bridges with him. The place I am at now SUCKS! I can't get anybody there to care about food not even the GM. We serve crap food at super cheap prices. The members don't care about food either! When I got there I started putting "garnishes" on the plates and at first all of the members were saying they don't want the "pretty stuff" on the plates they wouldn't mind if it was just thrown on a plastic plate because "it is just food". Lately I have been trying to change that mindset by making cream puffs and stuff like that from scratch to show people that not all food comes frozen on a truck but not too many people seem to care. of my guys in the kitchen isn't formally trained but likes food and actually makes some good stuff himself. Last week he told me that his sisters "sugar daddy" as he put it haha came to him and said he would be willing to spend the money for him to try his own restaurant. We bring good friends, he came to me and asked if I would be interested. I would LOVE to try out running a restaurant but it is kind of a scary idea also. I would obviously be in charge of all kitchen aspects but would probobly be doing foh stuff too. The scary part is that around here restaurants open all the time and close in less than a year sometimes in a few months. Let's just say where I live isn't exactly full of culinary savvy people. people tend to go to the same places all the time. I would love to try something different than the typical steakhouses that everyone around here loves but am afraid people would be afraid of something new. It sounds bad but if it failed it wouldn't be my money that was wasted but wouldn't want it to happen to this guy anyways. If anybody has some advice please tell me what you think. Right now I hate my job! And am desperate for something new! Sorry you had to read all of this. Haha
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Well, I would say if you hate your job then why not give it a shot. In the meantime just keep doing the right things at the CC, make the food tasty and garnish up. People WILL notice if you just keep at it. Attention to detail is what a country club is all about. Also the pace of work and the amount of variety, banquets, sit downs, french food, Italian food, really changes things up so your not doing the same food over and over again. I,ve been in the club biz over 15 years and will NEVER go back to a regular resturant again.

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