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i was sold on going to le cordon bleu in ottawa. But as i am reading the book , "life, on the line" i realize that there is a CIA in new york. Do you think it would be a good idea for me to travel that extra bit to go to CIA new york? or do you think le cordon bleu is a better school ? 
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Don't enroll in any till you work in a food service facility for at least a year. Before you spend $40,000.00 see if you like it. A home cook and pro cook are 2 different things in 2 different scenereos. Good Luck
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Hi well I just started going to a community college in Sacramento. I have talked to many Chefs and they have told me that this program that I just started is very good. In the three months that I have take I have been told that things I'am learning there are very advance. I love the classes I am taking and the best part of all is that all my classes are paid by a bog fee waver and the only thing I have to buy are my books, uniform and knives. If you qualify for financial aid you get everything payed. They also have other programs to pay for your books. All the teachers there have years of experience and they all own restaurants and bakeries in the San Francisco and Sacramento area. You can either get an AA or a certificate. I am currently taking 15 units. I am taking a class called Becoming a Chef, Management in the Hospitality Industry, Calculations in Food service, I'm getting servsafe certified, and a food theory and preparation where you are in the kitchen cooking. The classes are fun. If you want to look at the classes they are under the Hospitality Management Program here are some links. They also have a cafe where all students work and make the food and also sell it. I like the restaurant because by the time you graduate you have full hands on experience working at a restaurant. They teach you everything. Knife skills, cooking, managing your restaurant, baking, legal aspects, beverage operation and so many more things. You might want to do some sort of program like this before you pay soooo much money at one of those other schools. Let me know if you need any more info. Good Luck.

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