Decent recipe for whole wheat bread?

Joined Mar 12, 2005
Anyone have a decent recipe for whole wheat bread?

I've tried a few and the comparison just isn't there between white and whole wheat.

However if I go 2/3 white 1/3 wheat it comes out pretty good.

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Hi Abe,

It depends on what kind of bread you want.  Do you want a crusty european-artisan-type bread or a soft, breadpan, american type sandwich bread?

I have a really good recipe for the soft kind that uses 100% whole wheat flour (i like it best with the larger bran sifted out, but you can do it also with the plain unsifted kind).  There are various tricks you need to use, to be sure not to break the gluten strands, and there are ingredients like butter added AFTER kneading that make it rise higher and have, surprisingly, a softer and lighter texture. 

Let me know which. 

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