Death Of A Prep Cook

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We did a big production batch of pot stickers today. Three fillings, shrimp and chive, pork and napa, and chicken and mushroom. Just found out that the prep guy racking the trays of pot stickers didn't label them. The cook firing the party apps just guessed and pulled some trays at random. Turns out the party tonight got upgraded to shrimp filling from chicken. A 600 ea pot sticker mistake, that we will need to make up tomorrow morning.

I got called at home by the manager on duty wanting to know if we can adjust the bill to cover the cost before it's presented for final payment tonight. (I get to do the books and bills).

Thank God it wasn't a kosher or allergy needs party, and at least we found out, thanks to an alert waiter, before the function tomorrow. Funny how the party's host didn't say anything to the staff, lol.

*sigh* I think we're gonna have to eat the cost, since we can't, nor would we, dock, and we can't really ask the party to pay for what they didn't order. I remember reading about 'unjust enrichment' in business law, but it doesn't seem worth alienating a client or the cost of recovery.

Guess we're going to have some 'long pig' specials this week. Anyone up for a tasting menu?/img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif

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