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He looks so right at home....he is at home! What a beautiful boy
Who rescued who?
What name did you finally decide on?
Does he go to the Ronald McDOnald house with you? a true win-win there.

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Meet my brother-dog Cacho. He passed away years ago and was the most affective dog I've ever met. We enjoyed a long and loving brotherhood. He was not my dog, tho. My spiritual mentor, Mario, whose legs we see in the picture owned him.

BTW: I've been away from the forum due to some reasons.
My mother passed on last December and I suffered a retroactive emotional reaction.  Death is, in fact, something real and at the same time unconceivable.
Then I had to move to the old familiar house and proceed to take care of our familiar goods - we talk five generations of documents, furniture, all kind of objects, pictures, etc., etc.- an endless and exhausting task. This will last for one year or so, until all legal issues are cleared and we can sell the familiar house.  So, my participation in the forum will be restricted for a while.
My greetings to everybody. 
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Dear Ordo, 

What an amazing and most beautiful brother-dog to have in one's life. You must have some wonderful memories with him. I feel truly sad to hear about your mother and the emotional challenge you have ahead of you. My thoughts and positive energy are being sent your way everyday for the endurance. I hope you will be able to find happiness and joy within your life again very soon! Although we will miss your amazing and delicious dish contributions and wise counsel, we look forward to hearing from you on this forum in any capacity that you are able to offer. 



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For years I lived in apartments, in cities, and being a cook/chef I was gone for the vast majority of the day so I couldn't own a dog.  When the wife and I moved to Wisconsin and bought a house I told her that one of the first things I wanted to do is get a dog.  That is how Dodger entered our lives.

He was an English Springer Spaniel.  But my wife and I were away at work an awful lot so we thought that Dodger needed a buddy, so we found a beautiful Shepard/Husky mix puppy at a local shelter and Emma joined our pack.

They became the best of buds!

In September, 2012 we had to say good bye to Dodger.

The following winter we welcomed Dodger's protégé, Buford, another Springer Spaniel, to the pack, although Emma wasn't so thrilled to have a young pup around, although she finally warmed up to the little ball of energy.

Later that year, cancer took Emma.

In January, I heard about 5 year old Yellow Lab that had been surrendered to the Humane Society.  The woman who had owned him had to move and couldn't take him with her, and her Mom, having MS, could not handle a 95 pound, head strong Lab so we added Duke to the pack also.

The hope had been that maybe having an older, calmer dog around would rub off on Buford.  Boy we were wrong!!  After about 2 weeks of being on good behavior, Duke found his inner puppy and now he and Buford spend hours on end chasing each other around the yard and mouth fighting with each other!

While it is so hard to lose a dog and you cannot "replace" a lost dog with a new one, the joy they bring to our lives is immeasurable and I just cannot see our family without at least 1 dog in our lives, if not 2.
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Life, sometimes it'll hit you in the face pretty hard, but with furry companionship, we all seem to muddle through, don't we?
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Thank you all so much- I truly lost my best friend. I just can't stop crying. We took him and buried him at a friends huge spacious property on the forest outside of flagstaff this morning with a little service and tombstone. My brain isn't accepting this.
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@alaminute  , Truly sorry for your loss. Please pay close attention to the kids, they tend not to show their real emotions. It takes a while for that hole in your heart to heal. Bless you all.
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Thanks for all the support everyone- I'm really sorry for kaibashing this thread with the depressing tone. It just feels like most people don't understand- everyone says sorry your pet died. I totally dropped the ball on my life for a couple weeks there and just kind of phoned in all my appointments but I'm starting to get back into my feet and restarting a rhythm. To console me after the first week of me being a sobbing mess my lovely wife contacted some local put bull rescues and found a couple of puppies. So in an effort to help shift into a lighter area again I give you pictures of my new family members.
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I'm really sorry for kaibashing this thread with the depressing tone
Not at all, what you shared is real life, gut checks , and feelings. Best buddies and the grief felt when they pass need no explaining nor apologies as far as I am concerned. Your experience was a gentle reminder to me to make sure that i don't take my best buddy for granted and to relish in the time we share.

Your new family members have some big paws to fill. Hope they are up to it and by the same token, they're dogs!!!, they always do their best. It is the only way they know how to do things!

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