Dealing with swine flu and pork sales!

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Interesting Fact. In Florida we have a real good supermarket chain private owned .called PUBLIX. They have just taken it on their own to have their own meat inspectors go to plants and check out sources and handling of meat and poultry before it gets in their stores. It seems they have lost all faith in both FDA and USDA. I don't blame them. and give them a lot of credit .EDB
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I used to shop at Publix and it was a decent store. That sounds like a fair bit of marketing unless their inspectors plan on travelling a lot. La Gloria is a long ways from Publix. If they just inspect the US based processing plants they are not really getting down to the root of the problem. I'd say any step towards improvement is a good thing but I can't help but wondering how meaningful that will be as long as they continue to rely on CAFAO pork, beef, dairy etc. and meat continues to flow into US plants from Mexico etc.
CSI Miami last night was interesting. The whole show was a riff on food fear.
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I made pork as a special friday. Sold all but 2. I must admit though I had 3 cases in stock b4 the special!
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Pork prices here as as low as I can ever recall seeing. I'm enjoying it though and I'm taking full advantage smoking Berkshire shoulders.
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Here pig farmers are really strugging because of the swine flu and general public ignorance to what it really means and prices are pretty low here as well.
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It's quite funny reading this post as pork sells here in the UK have been mainly uneffected by swine flu. Prices are up-

Pork popularity buoys Cranswick first-half sales |

and popularity of pork products remains strong. I feed over 500 intelligent students daily and many are very aware of current events, however, even though we have cases of swine flu amongst our students, we have never discussed the reduction of pork dishes; here in the UK consumers are better informed and not as scared of the word 'swine' as in other my opinion:)
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