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Hi Guys

So im going to start a bit of a diet and would like my food to at least taste decent.

If you guys could give me some suggestions on making the following taste decent ill really appreciate it.

-Ostrich mince


Basically the mince and fish are going to be going with rice and bulgur wheat.

I am allowed to use any herbs and spices and veggies to add  flavour, I am adding yellow sweet bell pepper to the mince so far. (don't know what to else add).

As for the fish so far I am just cooking a plain bland fish.

Oh and one more thing I would like to know is how many grams does one bell pepper make when its chopped up.

Thanks Guys
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Surprised no one has responded yet.  For the mince I would say salt, black pepper and some sort of onion or garlic component would help.  Not used to working with mackerel, in general dill and lemon play well with fish.

And how many grams of chopped pepper you get depends on how many grams of whole pepper you have.


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