Dealing with culinary student loan debt and still work at a line cooks wage

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.................Remember school loans are NOT bankrupt-able so you can't file bankruptcy to get rid of them.........

Okay the correct legal term is that student loans are not dischargeable thru bankruptcy - unless one is totally disabled, totally. Now there is a low payment plan that I just mentioned in a post previous to this one. Take a look.
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Here is my situation. After cooking for years, I decided to go to the Culinary Institute of America for four years. At this point it is a regret. At least doing the four year program was. I am grossing about $750 a week and taking home under $600. I work anywhere from 60-75 hours a week. I have no problem with my pay rate or the amount of hours I work. I love what I do, but given those restrictions, I can't really get a second job. So, now that my student loan payments have gone into effect, I am paying over $1,100 a month in student loan payments. Add on my rent, utilities, car insurance for a car that I always have to fix and is currently not working, cell phone, etc. and I am as broke as could be with a take home of $2,300, Anyone else out there been through this? I don't know how I am supposed to continue doing what I love when it is such a low income compared to my debt. Any recommendations on dealing with these huge loans? I can reduce a small portion of my federal loans, but it won't impact my private loans and is just a short term fix. How have you dealt with this problem?
Go on an income-based repayment plan and I'd bet your student loans will be half or less than half of what you're paying now.
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