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My stepdad travels to and works in Washington DC a lot. He's a real foodie type. He mentioned that I should go with him and my mom to DC sometime soon. He asked where I wanted to eat. What places can I mention to him that will actually make me look like I know what I am talking about????

Ummm, he'll be paying :D

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Rita, mind if I tag along (on this thread ;) )? David and I will be in DC May 5-10 and would love some restaurant suggestions as well. But WE will be paying, so could you folks include some really good but not overly expensive places too? :D
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Citronelle (modern French) is commonly acknowledged to be the best in town, followed closely by Galileo (Italian), Vidalia (modern American/Southern), and 1789 (traditional French). On the other hand, arguably one of the top five restaurants in America, The Inn at Little Washington, is located about an hour and a half outside the city, in Washington, Virginia.

Check out http://www.dirona.com/find_seosearch_washingtondc.html -
DiRONA stands for Distinguished Restaurants of North America, and DC has 28 of them.

I cook at one of them, but I won't say which! :chef:
Enjoy your stay.
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Nora's and any of Nora Poullion's restaurants....
Dupont farmer's Market sends me weekly e-mails that are lucious.....they are open on Sundays I believe around the circle.
I ate at 1789 in Nov of 1979....not memoriable.
There was an interesting automat though and the ubiquitous Senate white bean soup. Can't believe it's actually been 25 years since I've been to DC.
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Jaleo-Cafe Atlantico and Ceiba for Latin. Marcel's-Palena-Tosca-Galileo-Nectar-Maestro-and restaurant Eve are all good choices for French/Italian, btw Equinox is also pretty good.
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It's been a long time since I lived, worked and ate in DC and places come and go like the weather, but the ones I do remember that are still around and worth a visit:L'Auberge Chez Francoise (Call now for reservations!) fantastic Alsatian cooking!, La Brasserie on Mass. Ave. Gaby Aubouin Jean Louis Palladins best friend! Provence , 2401 Pennsylvania Ave Yannick Cams restaurant, one of the great French Chefs of the 80's and 90's. La Miche, 7905 Norfolk Ave. that's in Bethesda, a hop, skip and a jump from NW D.C.
Old Angler's Inn off MacArthur Blvd (you'll thank me for this one!)
Citronelle at the Latham Hotel (I was offered the pastry chef position there when they opened, but they weren't paying enough :cry: I couldn't afford to work there, literally) The Old Europe, German food up near Mass and Conn. aves. Kinkead's Restaurant also on Penn.Ave. a top choice! Pesce at Dupont Circle, great Seafood!, Galileo or Laboratorio Galileo (Roberto Donna) and lastly Jeff Bubins Vidalia on M st.

Happy eating, we want a full report when you come back!
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a phenomenal creole bistro inside a delightful irish pub it is located in brookland by catholic university on 12th st NE great food by a talented chef and reasonable seafood as good as kincaids for a third of the price.
been many times, never disappointed hope it helps
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Go to Jaleo. It's the best tapas place I've been to. Food is fantastic as well as the atmosphere.

480 7th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004. 202-628-7949. Reservations are recommended.
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Restaurant Nectar in Foggy Bottom. The Chef is a true food purist, preparing foods with the best essential ingredients. The wine list is like no other but knowledgeable staff will help you along.
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this sounds bad from a professional line cook and culinary student but.... FIVE GUYS!!!!!! burgers, fries, hot dogs (fried in butter :lips:). this is an awesome place to get a quick bite if you are out and about. personal recomendation (1. hot dog -w- sauteed onion, shrooms, cheese, tomato, bacon, ketchup and mustard (2. FRIES; FRIES; FRIES; FRIES! (cut fresh throughout the day and cooked in peanut oil.) and if that wasnt enough (3. a double burger with EVERYTHING! i am drooling on my key board right now. just to let you know how good this stuff realy is i work for Carrabbas Italian Grill and we will send one of the guys in the restaurant over there to pick us up dinner sometimes. all you need is about $12 - $15 per person to eat a very big meal (seriously i am a big guy and a dog and fries lasts me almost all day :lips:). i hope you take my advice and give them a try i dont think you will be dissapointed. and have fun in the capital!
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What about the white house, the Pres is never there anyway. They probably have squirrel, rabbit, etc.
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SO I live in the DC area and for really excellent and affordable Thai food go to Thai Square in Arlington Virginia. It is on Columbia Pike and is not too far from DC. Awesome Thai food, I promise. :lips:
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