DC METROPOLITAN Area Chef Informational Interview

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I live in the DMV area and am interested in talking to someone who works or has worked in the food industry as a chef. I am thinking about getting into the industry and have a few questions. I really want to meet in person, coffee is on me! Thanks!
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Whether you meet someone in person or not, the questions that matter are always going to be the same. So, I can save you the frustration of DuPont Circle and the cost of a cup of overpriced coffee. :)

1. What makes you think this life is for you?
2. Do you understand there is a vast difference between cooking at home and cooking commercially?
3. Have you ever worked in a commercial kitchen before?

If your only answer of substance to question #1 is something to the effect that you love to cook and you love food, that's not enough. Its a start. But, not enough.

The answer to question #2 is of dire importance. Not understanding that cooking at home is NOTHING like cooking commercially is the most common mistake made by those who have never worked in this business before. If you understand that difference because you have actually worked in the food industry, then, you are actually ahead of the game.

If the answer to question #3 is "no," I strongly encourage you to get a job working in a commercial kitchen. If after a few months to a year you are still working in the food industry and have the same desire to make a career out of it, then, it would be worth sitting down and talking with someone more experienced about the best way to go about making this a career. Without you having that basic experience, there would be no way for you to understand such advice. Sure, I could sit here and go on and on about how hard this life is and how rewarding it can be and how crappy the pay is blah blah blah. But, if you have no experience of your own, even if that experience is minimal, then, anything that I or anyone else says will be meaningless. We may as well try to explain what the color blue is to a blind person.

Good luck. :)
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I totally understand that, but I really would like to meet someone in person if possible. Do you live close to DuPont?
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I was in DC restaurants for 15+ years. I'd be happy to answer specific questions you have, but I don't live there anymore.
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