Daughter Needs Help for School

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My daughter is trying to find information about the kinds of cooking utensils that were used in Colonial America. I have done many searches, but there seems to be very little information to be found on line. Are there any experts here that can point me to some appropriate sites?:)

Thanks in advance from Desperate Dad!
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Try contacting places where they have working colonial villages - Like Williamsburg, Va., Charleston, S.C., etc. Food Network did a Christmas special in Williamsburg, where they cooked a meal with colonial implements. Good luck!
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Good point Peachcreek, but sometimes the library just doesn't have the materials for some topics.
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I just want to thank the people that helped! I appreciate your thoughtfulness. As far checking out a library, I would have, except the assignment specifically indicated she was to find the resources on-line, not in a book. I love libraries. I even married a librarian who is the daughter of a librarian.

It seems in every forum, there always people who aren't interested in helping others.

I know there is at least one person here whom you should never ask to borrow a cup sugar!

Thanks to all the knowledgeable people who took the time to respond. http://www.cheftalkcafe.com/ubb/wink.gif

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