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Does that guy on the top of the page in the date banner bug anyone else but me? If he's a chef, I'm Escoffier! I hate it when they use models as chefs. The little "poof" of hair sticking out from under the toque is always a dead giveaway.

Nicko- that's not you, is it?!!
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Dead on, Unichef!! The banner boy is far to pretty to really be a chef, just like the guys in the Bragard catalogue.
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you are right, he does look like charlie brown with a toque on.

ok - definately not a chef - the will o wisp hair laden with golden staph ready to fall in food is a "Aye", however, the almost smartarse look, ready to deliver a ego smashing statement could almost fool.

I shall leave it up to your judgement eh?.


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Hey Unichef, you bring up an interesting point about the use of models. First of all for the record, it is not me. Anyone who knows me could tell you that if it were me there would be a heavy 5 o'clock shadow and then some. This guy looks like if he touched a hot saute pan he would take off screaming.

The point I would like to bring up though is that it is interesting that many do not find this ad appealing. The Date council is trying to promote the use of California Dates among chefs, and I would guess that they have no idea that their banner ad was actually bothering some chefs. If you ask me they would of been much better of if they could of used a celebrity chef.

Just some thoughts.

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I find most talented chefs to be quite attractive and feel that it's far better to use actual chefs to do advertising for industry products. The talent and knowledge comes thru. Am I alone people?
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And the ironic thing is that the model probably cost more to hire than most chefs would expect for the same job!
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I'm really not impressed by seeing chef's photos. Show me the food. I would be more likely to click on a banner if I saw what looked like an interesting/new idea or menu item.
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heheh, you ppl crack me up - transcontinental english variations, vis a vis

// noun Colloquial (sometimes derogatory) a male homosexual. Also, poof. [POOF + -t- + -ER1]
Usage: This is one of the small group of words which when used within a community have no derogatory overtones, but when used by outsiders often have such connotations.


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