Damn, bit by Dracula

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I'm in Arizona and the garlic I find here is weak at best. Eat a couple of tablespoons of this stuff and Dracula would still have a field day on my jugular. I'm looking for super stinky, keep the vampires away kind of garlic. Does anyone have a source they'd recommend?
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Most garlic seems to be coming from China. I’ve not noticed it being week, but if not used fast is it seems to sprout quickly. I guess that’s better than being irradiated to the point of perpetual existence.
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To add to what @kuan said, anytime I was looking for a specific ingredient (this was back before google and the internet), I would go talk to other restaurant owners and chefs.

I don't know where you are in Arizona, but, if by chance you are in the Phoenix area and if memory serves, there are a number of excellent pizzerias. It may be worth your time to get a slice and ask some questions.

Good luck.
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