Damascus Nakiri

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    Here is a custom knife that a good friend of mine made. I am delivering it to a chef in Chicago.

    This thing is laser sharp!!!!]


    OAL 14 1/6" : 385mm'
    Blade 8 1/4" : 210mm' 55mm high at the heel, tapering to 46mm 1 inch behind the tip.
    Handle 5" : 127mm at longest. 20mm thick : 24mm tapering to 27mm high.

    Spine above the heel, then halfway between heel and edge, and then just above the edge. measured at heel midway then at tip.

    2.2mm, 1.9mm, .81mm At spine
    1.6mm, 1.1mm, .70mm Mid way
    .33mm, .29mm, .24mm Above the cutting edge. Just for fun I took the edge measurement at the tip and converted it to inches.. Its ridiculous. lol .009" Thats CRAZY thin!! And thats above the sharpening bevel.

    The handles are Stabilized Buckeye burl with copper pins and vulcanized spacers.


    t wait to see him use this for the first time. Pretty excited. My buddy some some awesome work and is mentoring me to do the same. He has done a lot of kitchen knives . I did my first one recently and it turned out pretty good.

    Here it is--


    Has a quilted Maple handle and is about 8" blade length. Was my first attempt. I use it daily in my home kitchen. I cut some steak into jerkey strips with it and cut so thin. It was great. Made some carpaccio with it I was able to cut so thin.

    The corner isnt cut off-- just the clothe was covering it--
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