D-shape Handle on a Pairing Knife


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I’m looking to get a nice pairing knife, and a few I’m considering have the D-shaped handle. Never having held a knife with a D-shaped handle, I’m not sure how they feel. I’m sure I’d like it on a chef knife. The thing I’m not sure about on a pairing knife is, how does it feel when you change the orientation in your hand? With a pairing knife, I’ll often turn the knife a quarter turn, so the bevel side of the blade is no longer down like it is when you’re working on a cutting board. This way it’s oriented in a way that I can make pulling cuts when I’m working up off the board. E.g. peeling an onion.

Hopefully that makes sense. Basically, by question is, does a D-shape handle feel awkward if it’s rotated? Judging from pictures, the “D” part of the handle seems subtle enough that it shouldn’t matter. Still, I’d hate to drop some good money on a blade based on an assumption, only to find it unpleasant.
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I have 4 knives with D-handles. With a pinch grip it really doesn't matter much. Even on a paring knife. I just peeled a bunch of apples over the weekend with a 3-inch paring, although I wouldn't call the grip on a paring knife a inch grip but more of a grasp grip. I'm right handed and have right handed D handles. I imagine being ambidextrous could lead to a different feel.
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never mattered much to me. I've held a d shaped handle 150mm petty every which way for trimming beef. worst case you can sand it down to oval shaped easily

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