:D Hi Momoreg, More explication!

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hello Momoreg!
Sorry, I think I was a bit tired when I wrote you my e-mail, that's why I finished the mail in Spanish! :bounce:

I need the English definition of the terms I gave you, as I am working on pastry and above all waffle, I need definition from a forum, even when I know the definition (what's the case for most words), because I have to write the source from which I took them. I know it may seem a little weird, and it is, but I have no choice!
Hope you'll be able to help me.
Here are the words again :
to fill (dough, for waffles)
acidifier (used as an additive in pastry)
to remove from mould (pastry)
vegetable oil
Thank you so much!
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When you fill a waffle iron, you POUR the batter into it. The mixture is a batter ( not a dough), and the method is POURING.

When using an acid the word ACIDIFY is fine. For example, you use lemon or vinegar to acidify a mixture that contains baking soda.

Vegetable oil- I assume you'd like to know the properties. Well, it adds some richness, and softens the texture of your waffles, as well as making them easier to remove from the iron.

Is this what you're looking for?

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