cutting nougat and torrone

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Been struggling with an oiled cheese knife to cut through nougat.  It is a straight blade from Paderno.  Any suggestions for a better knife or a better approach?  Have been looking into an Italian made ultrasonic maual cutter.  I need to have cleaner edges!
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Thanks for the tip.  Yes I have used water also...still having trouble.  Does a serrated blade work better?  What kind of knife do you use?  I am thinking that this Paderno is not sharp enough?
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No my knife isn't nonstick and is a larger, flatter blade.  I just got off the phone with a Torrone chef, and they use a serrated blade?  I guess its worth a try.  Also, I am waiting to hear back from Italy, there is a new manual ultrasonic hand-held cutter that sounds perfect for confectionary sticky items.
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I use a regular chefs knife (actually a long bladed serrated knife simply because its longer) but I slice it as if it were a chefs knife, one downward motion. Maybe you cook yours longer, mine is as best as I can describe is rice crispyesque, chewy, yours seems more crunchy. In your case a serrated knife would be best. Or maybe you can try my method before yours fully sets. Instead of letting it set up over night I portion it a few hours after cooking.
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  I use a serrated knife. I works well. I also use it for soft fudge.  I'm going to suggest a stamped knife. They are much thinner.

The only type of edge that works is a hollow edge. It allows air in between the knife and product. Eliminate the suction. if that's the right word? They do not have a bolster.

I think a pointed serrated doesn't work as well.


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I can slice through sticky caramel with a regular Chef's knife without any problems.  To do so, I use a sawing motion, never allowing the knife to stay still.  No oiling or watering of the blade neccesary, no problems with this technique for the past 4 years. 

If the nougat is soft and sticky, try adding a bit of cocoa butter to the mix just before you add the fruit/nuts.  You can also freeze it or chill it so it will cut easier. 
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Like FoodPump, I use a chef's knife. I put my batch into the freezer for a little bit to stiffen up (but not long enough to freeze). That way I get clean cuts. I've tried using one of those big cheese knives but it's just so awkward.

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