Cuts of "beef" have color of pork - is there a way to tell?

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My butcher saved the fat trimmings from their beef cuttings "they specifically said no pork in them" but I got to some of the meat slabs and I'm kind of questioning what it is.  I took pics and asked someone who might know, but they couldn't tell.  I tried cooking 3 different pieces, each with some fat and some meat on them and tried to smell them but that was dificult as the smells mixed.  Once cooled the one did taste a little more like bacon fat but not nearly as "good"

What I am seeing a difference is the meat on the right, the two larger slabs. 

The reason I need to know is I'm rendering the fat for use in various things and some CAN NOT have pork fat as it reacts very differently due to the fatty acid composition and will ruin the product. 

Are there any experts here that can tell and or any suggestion on how to tell and what to do?   I have like 20 lbs of this..
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Veal?? or just a younger steer?
The slab in question looks milk fed to me also.

But if it looks like pork and smells like pork and tastes like pork it is most likely PORK!

Did you pay for the scraps because if I had reason to doubt my butcher over something as simple as beef scraps I think I would be searching for a new best friend.

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What an interesting problem. I would suggest you take it all back to the butcher and ask him. Approach him gently with a learning attitude. Once you do, please come back and tell us what he said. I think he gave you nothing but what you asked for and there is a reason the fat behaves like that. I don't know what it is but I'll bet the butcher would know. I would like to learn. 

     If he can not explain it, then you do indeed need a new best friend. 
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The piece on the right looks like it possibly is skirt sinew. Ask the butcher what cut the piece comes from, but don't mention skirt sinew. See if he confirms my thoughts.

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