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Discussion in 'Cooking Knife Reviews' started by thewinewizard, Jul 26, 2012.

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    I have read all the reports on the original thread.  The reports, comments and opinions all have some merit!!!   BUT there is another way to look at these knives.

    Let me explain.  I am a home chef.  I probably own 50 knives, french style chef's , german chef, slicers, carvers, boning, cleavers, paring etc.  i also own some Cutco knives ( bought from my godson--you know the story)

    Although my Cutco knives are not the best i own, for many of the reasons stated,  i still find myself using them regularly.  They work fine for many utilitarian chores where ultimate sharpness is not required.  Also, my wife  who does not feel comfortable with the big chef's knives likes them.  the serrarted edge knives, while not great for delicate tasks is fine for cutting many things.  Use them all the time for citrus. They do the job and i don't dull my other knives with the acids.

    Bu here is where we come to part of why i actually like them.   CUTCO sharpens for free. Matter of fact last time I sent in them for sharpening they REPLACED FOR FREE my serrated utility knife, because they could not sharpen it properly anymore.   I have enough that the cost including shipping and return comes to less than $1.00 per knife.

    I am a little lazy when it comes to sharpening so i have both my cutcos and others sharpened professionally about every 9-10 months.   I alternate so i am never completely out of decent knives.

    My other knives I have sharpened at  they do a great job, but the knives get a little smaller each time.

    SO, for a reasonably experienced home chef who does a lot of cooking having the Cutcos in my drawer is actually reasonably economical. 

    BTW, I mentioned that i have a few.  Have picked up extras on ebay and and at yard sales, flea markets at very reasonable prices. This way my lifetime cost for knives including sharpening is pretty reasonable.
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    Cutco replaces all the Double D serrated knives rather than resharpen them. The tools and jigs to produce the Double D serration fit only the first time they're cut and sharpened for sale.  That's built into the sale price. 
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    Every time you use an abrasive on any tool--including knives, they "shrink" irregardless if they're "Cutco" or not.

    There are many good quality knives out there for far less money than what Cutco charges .
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    Cutco is just a cra**y knife over priced by several hundred % so they can give you a feel good warranty. A total rip off from a company that has screwed over countless young cooks who got sucked into their pyramid scheme of marketing. Any one looking at these knives would be vastly better served buying a knife, any knife, from Wallmart.

    I have a set of Cutco DD steak knives that were a gift. They are trash. I have to spend more on freight getting those things replaced than they are worth. Cutco should just be avoided.

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    I think the "godson" factor is pretty much what has to be weighed against all of Dave's truth-telling.