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    what are three different ways to prepare custards of each method... I assume there are 2 methods for preparing a custard... on a stove in a double boiler, stirring often, or in the oven in a bain marie. could anyone help me out w/ this one question please... much appreciated
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    The third is in a pot on the stove with-out it being in a double boiler. Direct heat hitting your pan.

    You know this is out there, but I could make it in a micro too. For real. It's late but heres my point. I sat thru a demo with Pascal Caffet last week. While watching him and listening he pointed out his "right method" for making custards stove was funny because it something I've been doing for years (I'm still can't put words to why I stir it that way, I just do, always have, to watch and let the heat of my eggs slow down into my emulsion, much like making a holandaise). Basicly your watching your mixture so closely that you pull it off and on the heat toward the end of cooking, too look at its texture and play with the eggs so they emlusify instead of scrambling. Same concept could be reproduced in a micro. Get everything up to temp. then it's a matter of short bursts of heat and stirring until it's done. Why not?....other then time.

    So if this is a lesson for class, tell them I said there are 4 ways. I wonder what your teacher will say?