Curry Laksa Soup! Help!

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    Hello fellow foodies,

        I just recently returned from a trip to Bali/Singapore, while exploring my husband and I came across the most delicious laksa we have ever tried!

    Here is the description: It had a mellow coconut flavor (it was NOT Asam laksa), slightly spicy feel (very slightly), and a bright red color. In the menu they wrote that is was a home made Malacca Laksa with black tiger prawns, bean sprouts, glass noodles, cilantro and lemon. It was not thick, it was very watery and didn't have anything but the shrimp, sprouts and noodles in it.

    Let me tell you, it was divine. my husband and I went back to that restaurant 3 times because of how good it was!

    If anyone has any recipes or any insight on how to possibly make a soup similar to this, I would be eternally grateful and my husband would probably worship me :)

    Thank you so much!