Currently boiling down a beef stock, after advice.

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Hi folks I am having a go at my first ever beef stock. I've roasted off a few chunky bones and caramelized some veg in the pan added it all together with some tomato puree and water and its simmering on the lowest gas setting on the hob. Im wondering now what I am going to do with it once I have the stock, I plan to cook this down into the early hours of tonight around 9 hours total reduction so what do I do to make a nice beef gravy once I have the finished product? If any body is in the UK I'm looking g for a toby carvery style beef gravy maybe a bit stronger flavour any help welcome and appreciated thank you. I cant seem to find out what I need to do online once I have made my stock cheers


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You can go for a pure reduction or roux thickened sauce in a gravy style
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A basic gravy would be to make a roux with some fat and flour. If the fat comes from the drippings from a beef roast, great, but butter works also. Lots of online videos for basic gravy. Perhaps this video might pique your interest.



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Don't reduce it by too much. Maybe by just half. You can test the flavor by taking out a bit of the stock and adding a pinch of salt. Use a roux made with butter to thicken.
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There's a million things you can do with a good stock. Soups, gravy, jus, one of my favorites is a Bourdalaise sauce.

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